5 Best Google Cardboard VR Games

Google Cardboard VR is getting bigger issue day by day in the tech world.  Maybe because of its cheapness and immenseness of Google Play store. And, no wonder that Google Cardboard VR games are going to rule over.  

  • ARTE360 VR [Price: Free]

ARTE360 VR is not a game actually but an amazing application that gives  your different VR situations. Like- Adventurous Places like Mountainous, Antique places or oceanic scenes. This free application is totally free, but, it is pretty worthy than you think about it. ARTE360 VR gives a good sense of VR.


  •  BombSquad VR for Cardboard

[Price: $2.99]

BombSquad VR for Cardboard is one type of arcade game, where the performer has to escape different dangerous situations like Bombing.Here the player has to compete with 8 players and each of the levels goes through a tough competition. It’s very similar to Mario Party, but, more thrilling, more awesome. As you know it’s a VR game.

  • Caaaaardboard!

[Price: $1.99]
Caaaaardboard! Another purchase worthy VR game for Google Cardboard. If you wanna show your talents in VR platform, then, I think, Caaaaardboard! is the best option for you to show your stunts. The player of this game feels more VR, as, it a hands-free game.

  • End Space VR

[Price: $1.09]
End Space VR is flight shooter game. Where you have to drive a space flight that goes endlessly through three different atmospheres. Oh! Endless. Many of us, have games that are endless in time. But, we hope you are going to like this game, because, you always have to fight against enemy’s space flights.

  • Hardcode

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Yeap, Hardcode is awesome just like sounds! In this shooting game, you are required to kill bad guys. The best feature of this game is- it supports local multiplayer. That’s mean you also can play this game with your friend/s placing in the same room.

So, for what you are waiting? Have these applications and start taking VR experience with Google cardboard VR games.

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