The Best New Features of Windows 10

After a long waiting, thousands of windows users got “Windows 10” to use in their PC. Although, it was a few days ago till the Tech Gurus and Lovers are talking about the new features of Windows 10. Now, for your ease we have assembled some superb features that Windows 10 posses. So, lets move on-

Best New Features of Windows 10

Start Menu
Let’s start with start menu. Many of us we bored of  Windows’s traditional start menu. But, eventually the developers of Microsoft respond to us with a great start menu. In fact, it’s more than a start menu. It comprise not only the desktop or pinned applications, but also contains some other services with a cool view. Now, anyone can easily find his most used app, power menu, setting option, and multi tasking search bar in this smart menu. To note that this is highly customizable.
Many tech lovers are saying to them the ‘Cortana’ feature is the most superb one. It’s a  clever digital assistant for the user. It is able to help you by finding necessary info, using natural language either voice or text command. If you miss Siri of Apple, then Cortana is here for you. And, for sure, this one is much more intelligent one.
Edge browser
Oh! If ‘Internet Explorer’ still pays pain to your Edge Browser is here. Forget your worst days with Internet Explorer. But, Don’t think that, it’s just only a browser. It’s a multi tasking application. This browser is fast working and light one. By using this highly simplified app, you can browse internet, read PDF ( Adobe PDF reader won’t consume your disk) and do many more things.
We think you should give a second thought about third party browser.

Action Center
Now, in Windows 10 it seems that Notifications are no more matter of vexing things. Because, it has improvised notification center named ‘Action Center’. We also experienced a notification center in Windows 8. But, ;it’s major problem was if any of the notification, against which any kind of action was taken then it got faded away. But, here they has an archive for the notification and you can take actions against any notification from the list.
This one is regarded a far off feature among all the Windows 10 features. By the way Windows 10 has become the first platform for holographic computing . Definitely it;s something interesting,though it’s something augmented! This feature will work with the HoloLens of Microsoft.
Now, these were the features which were in the limelight of tech world in regarding Windows 10. Let us know which one you liked most and least.

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