How to Boot Android Phone into Recovery Mode

By rooting your Android device you can highly customize your Device. But, only in the Recovery Mode, you can customize your Phone. Now, we will show you how you can Boot Android Phone into Recovery Mode. So, keep relaxing, if you find trouble in Booting your Android Phone into Recovery Mode.

How to Boot Android Phone into Recovery Mode

Boot Samsung Galaxy Phone into Recovery Mode

First of all, hold the Power key to Power Off your device. Now, Keep pressing ‘Power Key + Volume Up + Home’ Keys at the same time, until you go to recovery mode. Then, choose ‘Reboot System Now’ to boot your Samsung smartphone.

Boot LG Phone into Recovery Mode

Power off your device. Now, until the LG logo appears, press ‘Volume Down’ key and ‘Power’. Now, release all the keys just for a short while and again keep pressing them, until, you find the Hard Reset option. Then, your phone will go into recovery mode.

Boot HTC  Phone into Recovery Mode

The process of booting HTC phones are very similar to LG phones. One tiny difference is- give your phone at least 10 seconds once you have switched it off.
Boot Google Nexus  Phone into Recovery Mode

In case of Google Nexus phone, you need to switch off the phone and  keep pressing Volume Up+ Volume Down+ Power Key, until you notice the word Start ion the Screen. Press ‘Volume Down’ two times to highlight Recovery. Then, you can go to recovery mode.
Disclaimer: We hope that this technique will work in most of the Android devices. But, you may find that this technique is not working on your device.

In general, most of the Android devices can be booted by simply holding “Volume +” / “Volume –” key and “Power” key at the same time. But, if this trick does not work in case of your phone, your can go for a third party app from Playstore.

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