Do you know about Deep Web?

How much do you know about internet?  The Internet is thousand times bigger and more mysterious than you think. A tip of those mystery’s iceberg is ‘Deep Web’.

Think about a search result of Google. How much it can bring info.for you in certain keyword search? Huge, for sure, But, these results are only 1% of data relating to that keyword. All the search engines can access only the surface of internet database sea.Then, what about the rest 99% data. These are nothing part of Dark Web database. In the internet sea we are the surface and beneath us ‘Dark Web’ lies in.

Deep Web/Dark Web/Black Web

Social Media Sites, Wikipedia and News is 1% of WWW( World Wide Web).

Whenever your search in your figurative search engine,it comes up with millions of results. But, there are trillions of data which, till, did not access by general people like you and me. These untouched data includes from tiring Researches to Rare animals selling (Not in a legal mean).

Major parts of WWW (World Wide Web) deep web, deep net, invisible web or hidden web. Unfortunately, contents of these web are not indexed of the standard search engines. So, you already can realize that ‘Deep Web’ is something opposite to ‘Surface Web’.

If you present a compressed list of things that comprises Deep Web, it will include-

  • Dynamic content
  • Private Web
  • Contextual Web
  • Scripted content
  • Unlinked content
  • Web archives
  • Limited access content
  • Non-HTML/text content
Now,come to the stunning part of Deep Web. One important element of Dark Web is Tor. It’s the darkest of corner of Deep web. It includes very confidential peculiar websites. But, why these are ‘Peculiar’. These websites have domain extension of ‘.onion’. Over that, your most favorite browser can’t assess these! Some special types of software are needed to access these weird types of websites. That’s why, derivately, this term is also known as ‘Dark Web’.

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