How to Delete Google History

You know that your Google History knows you a bit more than yourself. It knows which celebrity you like most, it knows what kind of movie you prefer to and many more implicit and explicit things! 
It’s your favorite search engine Google’s search history. We are loudly  whispering that “Your Google history can ruin yourself”. So, it’s high time you burnt them. Oh! I forgot these are not papers. However, you can easily delete them.Actually, your all kinds of browsing history are save under  Web & App Activity, whenever you are signed in with your Google account.
In this post we are going to show you how you can delete your Google history permanently to ensure your personal privacy in internet.

How to Delete Google History from PC

You can easily delete your all of your Google searches and all the activities from the Web & App Activity page. Here you can delete all the items at a time.
  1. First of all go to Web & App Activity page. Here it may ask you to sign in with your google account.
  2. Then, check the box(es) you want to delete and Click Delete.


But if you opt to delete all of the searches. Then click on the more ( More )icon next to the Calendar icon in the menu bar.Here you will get Delete options,click on it. Now you will notice a pop up menu. Here choose Advanced and select All time from the box below and finally click Delete.

So, this was the simple procedure. Before you are going to delete your google history , please note one things. Once you delete Google history these there is no way to undo this deletion.So, make sure that, you have no important search/es in that list.Happy History Removing!!

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