How to Detect Bots, Scams, Phishing, Spam, Etc

Like thousands of Email users, you get some emails every now and then from unknown senders. Even it could be forwarded from your friend (Although, he/she didn’t sent it). It maybe true. But, if your assumption on it gets wrong you have to pay for it. The question is ‘How will I be sure about it’s authenticity?’.The additional question is ‘Is it safe to lose thousand of bucks just for security?’. Umm..we know it’s a perplexing situations to deal with. So, we are here today. Now, we will show you the easiest way to Detect Bots, Scams, Phishing, Spam, Etc.

Here are some simple steps to detect bots, scams etc.

1. First of all, find the subject of the message and then Copy it.

2.Open your internet browser and surf your loving search engine. But, we will recommend Google.

3.Then, Paste the text you have copied earlier in the search  box and search it.

4. Have skim view over the search results.

5. If it is scam then maybe, you will be able to detect within no time. Because, there are some people in the internet who are discussing about the malicious scam after being deceived.

Don’t worry about the complexity of the search result . If the message is something malicious to you, you will find the same message is discussed over the internet. Say for example, you got this message “A girl from Israel is fighting with cancer. She is from a very poor family. Donate her…bla bla bla…”. Then, just search with ‘Israel Cancer Scam’. If it is scam, for sure , your first page of search results will say that. Happy Scam detecting!

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