Easy way to browse Anonymously

Someone said the internet is for the people and by the people. Okay, I don’t know that ‘Someone’. But, jokes apart no one of us want to inspected over the internet while we are browsing. Sorry to say, your activities are always under someone’s eye if you not browse anonymously. By the way, there are thousands of reasons why people want to browse anonymously. Maybe, you want to hide your previously visited sites from your parents or Computer teacher. Or you want to browse a banned site in your territory. Anyway, whatever the reason, Techdrug knows, sometimes it’s crucial to you to browse Anonymously. Meanwhile, a perplexing moment arises. As, there are numbers of ways, that you may choose to ‘Go Anonymous’. So, we will introduce you to an awfully easy way to browse anonymously.

Easy way to browse Anonymously:

Use your very own browser as your sword. Yes, believe it or not it’s one of the coolest way to browse anonymously is ‘Incognito Browsing’. In this browsing your browser allows you to browse hiding your identity.

It is also known as Private Browsing. In this mode, it creates a safeguard that prevents your internet history from being stored. For an example, once if you visit a website, this visit is stored in your computer.Over that, all the search histories and cookies are also stored in your normal browsing. But, if you enable incognito mode in your browser none of these aforementioned things will happen.

The top 4 popular browser Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari have this feature by default. It could be done within few clicks from setting menu. Once you activate private or incognito mode, you browser won’t store internet history or cookies.

By the way, the negative aspect of this incognito browsing is , While you are in incognito mode your IP address till can be tracked. In that case, you can use some proxy websites. These will allow you to go completely anonymous.

So, this is way how you can browse anonymously . The concluded procedure is first of all enable incognito or private mode from your browser and then use a proxy server. Bye-bye!!

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  • May 10, 2016 at 8:59 am

    I almost exclusively use Hide My ID when doing any banking, shopping, or anything that relates to any of my financial information. Afterwards, I clear everything (history, cookies, cache), then close my browser.

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