How to Enable Google Safe Search

Hey, for sure you don’t want your child to search any adult content in Google. Neither Techdrug team want, nor Google does. So, there is a simple solution is powered by google. And, it is ‘Safe Search’. The another name of Safe search is ‘Child Friendly Search’. As, it protects your child. By the way, if you are a ICT teacher of any school, maybe Google safe search is more crucial to you. So, we are here to explain how you can enable Google’s Safe search.

Before moving onto the procedure just note one thing. To enable Google safe search, you must have to “sign in” in your browser with your Google account. So, make sure that, you have a Google account before you go for enabling safe search in your browser. 

How to Enable Google Safe Search

1,After singing in with your google account in your browser go to You will notice the Setting option at the bottom.Click Setting>Search Setting.

2.Then you can see a tick box for turning on Safe Search. Check the tick box.Then, just beside of it there is another option named ‘Lock Safe Search’. It actually enables Safe search,whenever you are ‘logged in’ in any browser with your Google account! So, why not more safer??

3.After you have clicked on ‘Lock Safe Search’, in the new screen you will a button named ‘Lock Safe Search’.Click on it.After you have clicked on that button you will get a message saying “Safe Search is locked across all Google domains”. That’s mean you are done.

Now, give the ownership of your PC to your infant and be a backbencher. Don’t forget to inform us if you had any trouble with enabling it.Stay safe.

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