iOS 10 : Best 10 New Features

”iOS 10” the upcoming operating system for iPhone and iPad announced at Apple’s WWDC 2016 get-together in San Francisco (on June 13, 2016) . From this release, we have accumulated best 10 features of iOS 10.

iOS 10: Best 10 New Features

1.   Redesign and Modifying User Experience

Apple is going to show something new in the lock screen area. From the lesson of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus regarding fingerprint sensor, it is going to introduce ‘Raise to Wake’.This feature makes the phone light and goes to the home screen when you just lift it up.They will also come up with highly customizable Control Center. Maybe, in IOS 10 , you won’t be able to notice  ‘Slide to Unlock’.


IOS 10, worked a lot on Ms. Siri (Eyye, Lemme know whether Siri is married or not).Now, Siri will able to open not only Apple’s but, but also, 3rd party’s applications through voice control.

3.Rapid Typing

The new addition in the area of typing is QuickType. Here Apple has used Siri’s Artificial Intelligence to give more relevant suggestions while typing.


Photos have also been given a touch of artificial intelligence. Now, it will able to detect photos of the same person , same location! It also can link together photos of the same location, time, objects, even in the case of Picture and Video.

5. Maps

Maps got a new look,also. But, simpler, cleaner look. Now, it will be easier to access it. The new map will be integrated with your device’s Calender’s event and current workplace.

6. Music

We think the major redesign happened to the Music option. Now, you don’t have to stop your music player while you are going to live photo. And, the coolest part is that through few steps, you can add lyrics to your favourite songs.

7. News

News also gave a cleaner user friendly shape. They added Subscription and Breaking News Notification feature in this corner.

8. Phone

Another stunning addition is Voicemail transcription. Now, you don’t have to open a voice mail to know what it contains. As IOS will convert the gist of the voice to text. In this issue, Apple is working wth third parties for giving a seamless service.

9. Messages

Huh! The tech lovers named it most silly update. Now, Text will be enabled with rich links, Emoji will get 3x bigger. But, one positive thing we found you will be able to add bubble effect to your message.

10. Delete preinstalled apps

Okay, Okay, maybe this feature doesn’t matter to the manufacturer. but, the  Apple users know some pre-installed apps have no use in their lifetime. So, you are allowed now to delete them.

So, that were the best 10 features of iOS 10 in Techdrug’s lens.


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