LG G6 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Rumors

South Korean Tech giant LG is going to add another smartphone to LG G series. This is an extraordinary phone called LG G6. And, now we are going to provide reliable info regarding LG G6 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features, Rumors.

LG G6 Release Date

The LG G6 is probably going to come in the light around 2nd quarter of 2017.And, in the US, the users will able to get this by 3rd or 4th Week May 2017.

LG G6 Rumors

Like other tech gadget release, there are ample of rumors on LG G6. You already know about the release date of another flagship arrival date of Samsung Galaxy 8. This phone and Samsung Galaxy 8 are going to be released an almost exact same quarter of month. So, same people are mixing the possible features of Samsung Galaxy 8 with its competitor in the country LG G6. Just like the users, the manufacturers of the smartphones are also paying head to more on health related sensors and a water resistant device. So, we can hope LG G6 may get a special touch of health-related sensors and why not of retina eye display.

LG G6 Specs

The most probable display size of LG G6 is 5.6” and the screen resolution will be 4096 x 2160. Which mean it’s going to be with a true 4K display, along with an octa-core processor. So, have a cursory view of its features.

Specifications LG G6 Specs
Battery 4200 mAh
Camera GPS Tracker, 3D front and back, Face recognition
Camera (Front) 7.0 Mp
Camera (Rear) 24 Mp
Colors Black, Blue, Gold, White
Features Bluetooth 5.0, Fingerprint scanner Corning Gorilla Glass 4, Retina eye scanner, Wireless charging, Waterproof
Memory 32, 64, and 128 GB internal memory (which is expandable to 128 GB)
 Processor  Snapdragon Qualcomm Octa-core 3.0 GHz processor

LG G6 Price

Due to the probable number of flagships arrival from the heavy competitors, LG, as usual, is going to make the price lessen. The approximate price would not more than $750 USD.

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