Protect Email Accounts from Hacking

It’s totally insane to introduce you to the term ‘Hacking’. Hacking is a pretty common occurrence in the Internet. Hackers hack from giant websites and systems to personal Emails, Social accounts etc. Taking some security initiatives for your Email accounts can enormously lessen the possibility not to be hacked.We wish, at the end of this article you able to grab such kinds of approaches to be done to ensure the security of your email accounts.

Procedure to Protect your Email Accounts from Hacking:

  • The first and foremost thing is to rethink about your email provider. Don’t go for such providers which are not that much reliable or new to internet.
  • Make a creepy email address. make less guessable email address. You can add number/s or special characters to your name.The email addresses just with first and last name are more vulnerable to be hacked.
  • Never share your email’s password . Because, it may cause you to lose some other email accounts or it will allow the hacker to access some of your confidential data.Not even note or draft anywhere in the internet.
  • Add an alternative email address and extra phone number to your account. It will be helpful to recovery, in case of hack. And, never to enable a security question. It helps a lot to be secured.
  • We have another safeguard to share with. Whenever your are signing up for an email account, don’t skip any of the steps you are asked for. If you did that, go for to complete that step.
  • Don’t open any kind of scam or spam messages sent to your email account. It will transfer your ownership to the hacker within a while . You can read this article to know “How to Detect Bots, Scams, Phishing, Spam, Etc”. By chance, if you open such kinds of scams, immediately change your password.
  • Use different email addresses for different purposes. You shouldn’t use your Paypal’s email address to sign up in an adult site. 

That’s all. But, sorry to share with you one last thing, we want to share, no email accounts are 100 percent secured. So, be careful on your usage of it.

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