Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Tips And Tricks You Should Know

Both  Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge are available in the market. Both of these phones are cutting a good figure . If already own this phone or going to have any of these smartphone, this post having 7 Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Tips And Tricks is for you.


  • Customize AOD (Always On Display)

The AOD feature is regarded one of the best features of both of these handsets. This feature prevents consuming power by unused pixels. In general, the AOD mode shows up Date, Clock, Battery, Messages and Missed Calls.

But, you always can customize it following this direction  Settings > Display > Always On Display


  • Personalize Sound Equalizer

Samsung knows, you are a good music listener. That’s why they gave you to equalize Bass, Treble, Vocal Knobs in your phone. You can find this option here : Settings > Sounds and Vibration > Sound quality and effects > Equalizer


  • Block Interruptions While You Are Playing Game

Who wants to be interrupted while playing games. But, if you have any one these sets, you easily can block Interruptions While You are Gaming. Just go to : Settings > Advanced features > Games .


  • Identify Unsaved Callers

All the unwanted callers are out of your phonebook. In both S7 And S7 Edge. You can detect unsaved callers at ease by just going to : Settings > Advanced features > Identify unsaved numbers


  • Turn off App’s location Tracking

Sometimes some Apps start to track your location without your permission. But, emperor of these stupid apps will come to the end on S7 And S7 Edge. This feature increases not only your privacy but also your life of your smartphone’s Battery. Personalize it here : Settings > Privacy and safety > App permissions > Location.

  • Record Games

It is always fun to share your game performance with other through recording. This is nothing hard job in your PC. But, if you are a S7 And S7 Edge user, it is also easy for you. Just follow this path and see what is waiting for you : Settings > Advanced features > Games > Game Tools.

  • Remind Yourself About Notifications

Maybe, in some cases you want to get informed of all notifications you have in your smartphone. This is a watery job on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Just go to :  Settings > Accessibility > Notification reminder.


That’s all about a bit awesomeness of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Share with us, if you have something cool in your mind about these smartphones.

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