How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online?

Blogging is an easy way to share your feeling, knowledge or other personal information with the whole world. People start blogging using or or may be some other, tumbler, Weebly etc. First two are considered most popular platforms both for an expert and beginner. Though the term comes from ‘web log’; the difference lies on the presentation. You can blog anything. It can be personal blog, technology blog, politics, news or sports blog.
At first may be in a dilemma while choosing your platform. Blogger is a free platform while wordpress requires web hosting except you use for setting up your blog, accompanied by sub domain. It is more SEO friendly and plug-ins is available to increase your blog’s SEO. Blogger is easy to start for the beginners and WordPress is more apt for a professional blogger.
Then you be certain of your blogging interest e.g. personal or other and find a name that represent your subject of blogging better. Or at least the name must be related to your blog topic or content. If you choose wordpress, then buy a domain name (e.g. “.com”, “.org”, “.net” is the most popular TLDs. So, try to use this only. There are some hosting providers like BlueHost, HostGator, iPage. If you want to be a professional blogger, then you should go for self-hosting. You have to design your blog well and make it attractive. If all these seem to be complicate, you can Google and find some articles or instruction guide that helps you or find some professional help.
To get more traffic to your blog you can share your blog various social media like Google+, Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn and other online forums and communities. It will help you to make your blog successful. Now you start earning from your blog. Advertising is the most popular way to earn. Selecting advertising networks that allow “pay per click” like Google Adsense, Infolink, Yahoo-Bing ads are considered best way to make money. However, your income will depend on the traffic, regular update of your contents and overall management.

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