The Top 5 Smartwatch for Health and Fitness

Once the gadgets, which were especially made for health could only track and show the current health condition. In every sphere of life, technology is adding some stunning features. Nothing different is happening to the wellbeing area. Your smartwatches are used not only for just showing time but also, for tracking your health and fitness. So, we are with a list of Top 5 Smartwatch for Health and Fitness.

The Top 5 Smartwatch for Health and Fitness

So, if you are in a puzzling situation to decide which smartwatch should you buy, the, what are you loitering about?! Just go through this core part. Here we have arranged them randomly.

Basis Peak

You may include it in the outdated list. But, till it has some awesome features that will make you love it. It’s just 2 in 1 device , both fitness tracker, and smartwatch. It can help you by providing info regarding calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, heart rate etc. It has all the smartphone service. Oh! This great gear is water resistant and has a Gorilla Glass protection.

Samsung Gear S

If I am not wrong, Samsung has maximum models of Smartwatches Gears at present. This user-friendly device run through Tizen OS. Anyway, you don’t have to think about its quality. It has not only 3G mobile connectivity but also GPS tracking, which is a bit new to the smartwatches arena. It comes with sensors like heart rate monitor, gyroscope, compass, accelerometer, barometer etc. It also has a 4GB internal storage .

Sony SmartWatch 3

The prior version of this device was especially made for the time trackers. But, the new version is focussing on health and fitness stuff. This is the 2nd smart wear to have GPS in it. It comes with 4 Different colours along with 4GB internal storage. And, for sure, this device is highly affordable.

LG G Watch R

Another user-friendly device which runs Android OS. This great wear also comes with a sensor like an accelerometer, gyroscope,integrated photoplethysmography (PPG), barometer,  and compass. LG G Watch R even can track your heart rate accurately. But, the saddest part of this gadget, it does not support GPS.But, it has internal storage of 4GB and supports 3rd party music player.

 Apple Watch

This full Apple flavoured gadget is for tracking time and health.The screen of this wearable is protected by  Ion-X glass.Just like all the smart watches it supports apps like Endomondo or Nike+ Running. But, it’s pretty costly and not that much user-friendly. By the way, if you want some awesome multimedia services in your smartwatch then, you can go for this.


So, that’s for today. Let us know which device you are going to buy as your health assistant=

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