Top 10 Search Engines in the World

There are many people around us who think, Google is one and only search engine in the world. Some of us will include Bing or Yahoo as two other. So, we will be discussing ‘Top 10 Search Engines in the World’. But, how much we know about the other search engines which serves the users with millions of search results every day. Maybe, these are not so well customized as Google, but, some of these have a couple of exclusive features that Google or Bing cannot provide. 

Below are the Top 10 Search Engines:

Your assumption is perfect!! Yeah, Google is the No. 1 Search Engine in the world. So, it requires fewer introductions. Around 90% searches are made from Smartphones and tablets use Google. And, in the case of PC, this Search Giant is also dominating. Being in the 1st position, it’s 45% ahead than the 2nd position. And, Alexa shows that Google is also the most visited site in the world!
This Search Engine was introduced to the internet by tech giant Microsoft. It was nothing but a reply to google.They made this default search engine default in Windows Operating System’s default browser ‘Windows Explorer’!! But, they failed to understand the users. Eventually, they are bound to  satisfy with the 2nd position.
People of the early 21st century can recall this Search engine easily. Especially, that news,” Again Yahoo! has been hacked by X,Y,Z Black Hat hackers”. Anyway, this search engine also tried to give a nudge to Google. But, you know the story, as you hardly use it! Netmarketshare says that around 9% of the total search engine market prefers Yahoo!
4.Ask (formerly known as Ask Jeeves) is a bit different from the other aforementioned search engines. Actually, it is a Q&A (Question and Answer) based search engine. It was introduced in 1995. If you want to search anything rather than “Asking Question”, is not going to help a lot in that case.And, it’ s market share is 3%.
This China-based search engine started it journey with the commencing of this current century (Jan 1, 2000). No wonder that you can ask, “Why this one in top 5?”. But, remember, the country China has the largest population on this planet. And, a lion share of the Chinese people uses it for searching the web, image, audio, and videos. The users lead this search engine to have the fourth position in Alexa ranking.
Once AOl was one the most used search engines in the world. Time elapsed and it’s position get feigned . But, due to some associated websites like and the AOL is holding the 6th position.
You never heard of it?! Neither did many of us. But, it is world’s  one of best online service portals, which was launched in 1995. It provides various internet service-like ‘Email’, ‘Search Engine’, ‘Weather update’, ‘News’ etc.
If you very much sensitive about your information’s security we will recommend you to go for DuckDuckGo. Because, they won’t track your information!
In Russia, Yandex is more used than Google as a search engine. So, never ask for its Alexa Rank in Russia. Besides, Russia, Yandex has market in Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus. It serve not only search Engine, but also, many services like- Music, Maps, Translator etc.
Many online masters says ‘’ is nothing but a clone of ‘’. As, it actually works very similar to This Question and Answer based search engine is said ‘Only Human Guided Search Engine’.
So, that’s for your top 10 search engines also you can call them your internet buddies. Hoping this one helped out a lot. Let’s know about your words  regarding Search Engine in the comment Box below.

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