How to use Google Maps Offline

You’re out of bandwidth in an unknown place and you immediately need to access Google Maps! We can show you how to use Google Maps offline. What a stunning acolyte Google Maps is! But, as heavenly things have hell worthy disadvantages, Google Maps has one major problem. You need to stay online in order to use it. Moreover, you can name it a heavy data consumer application. So, when are out of Wi-fi, it ‘s getting hard to access it. Hey, what about Google Maps’ offline feature. Did you use that? If the answer is Negative, just proceed. Before you going for the trick how to use Google Maps offline, please mark down a queue, Before accessing a certain place offline, you need to be online for a while. 
How to use Google Maps offline
  • Be online and launch Google Maps and Search the place you want to access offline.
  • After finishing the desired area, go to the options menu by clicking the ‘more’ icon (three vertical dots). 
  • Now, click on the ‘+’ icon and you will notice a pop-up message saying that “download this area?”.
  • After you’ve proceeded with the previous option, now you will be provided a square to select your desired area. Crop your desired area with the square tool.
  • When the selection process is done, prompt to download. Save it with a name in your device. And, later on, without any kind of internet connection you will be able to access it.
Although it’s great to have this amazing app partially online, there will exist some sorts of limitations, you know.The main problem in lies with storage space. You can’t download more area size of 1.5 GB. Anyway,Let us know how you feel this amazing feature.

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