What Does SEO Stand For?

If you ask someone “What is SEO?”. For sure, he/she is going to answer with “Search Engine Optimization”. This traditional answer can’t help the novice tech lovers that much. So, in this post Techdrug team will simplify this term.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the methodology of getting traffic from the “Organic”, “Free”, “Editorial” search result on search engines. More specifically, it comprises those techniques, which are used to increase the traffic (number of visitors) to a site. By having a top-rank in the search results (in the search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.) the Search Engine Optimized sites take the privilege of more visitors. There are two ways to get the privilege from search engines of more visitors.The first one is “paid” and the other one is “free”. And, SEO is in the “Free” wing.

Now the question arises why a website owner does SEO. It’s a very simple question to answer. For example, you have a website of your Business. So, from the list 4C of Marketing, now, you need the customers. But, in the area of internet marketing, this term is commonly known as visitors. Without ample of (targeted) visitors, a website is valueless. If you want thousands of visitors to visit your, first of all, you need to reach your site to them. In this case, SEO is the best tool that can help you in that journey. Because, it’s cost free and one kind of Branding as well.

Before doing SEO of your website never forget to make your site SEO friendly. An SEO friendly website must have some characteristics. The outlook/design should be attractive so that the visitors can easily navigate and get the desired services easily. In addition, the same feature should be owned by your contents. An SEO friendly website can easily make good impressions to its visitors. Just remember that, if you can satisfy your visitors with your contents they will be happy. And only that can make you successful at the end of the day.

The stunning part is that, if you are an SEO expert you can easily make money via not only your blog, but also you can make money by getting hired.

So, that’s the basic of SEO. Hope that, it will help you. And, if you have any query don’t hesitate to comment below. Within no time, we will try to answer them.

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