What is Cyber Crime?

With the flourishment of civilization and the advancement of technology the style of crimes have changed. The crimes are in new shape by using new techniques. And, all the crimes had their new branch called “Cyber Crime”. Today, we are going to clarify it.You will be stunned to know that “Cyber Crime” is the fast growing crime in the world now!

Cyber Crime

De facto, it’s quite hard to make you understand with a definition of cyber crime. As its area is pretty larger that most of the people think of it. Actually, we all know about this crime. Now, we are elucidating your vague concepts about it. We all In some simple words, cyber crime is that kind of crime that involves any kind of computer network. Any kind of traditional crimes that encompasses the internet, such as hacking, will also be regarded as a cyber crime. If we do not complicate it cyber crimes are nothing but traditional crimes. The specialty is in that it uses the internet or any other technology. It is also called as a computer crime. Breaking someone’s cyber security is also one kind of cyber crime. It is also known as computer crime. The common reasons behind it involve Financial aspects.

There numerous types of cyber crimes.But, the e-criminals use some of them based on their skill and purpose.Here we are giving some common types of cyber crimes that occur frequently- Fraud (Economic), Child pornography, Theft of personal data, Copyright infringement, Cyberstalking, Bullying etc,

The cyber criminals make billions of bucks with a blink of an eye. They just need to know someone’s identity ( i.e. just by knowing one’s email address or Bank a/c number).It is also an easy process to them. They have thousands of tools and techniques.

Now, cyber crime is a cause of extreme headache for us. The main cause behind it – you even can’t do anything against cyber criminal or e-criminals by the help of court!! So, be careful of your confidential data. And make sure you that are out of cyber attacks. Ensure your security to lead a beautiful and pressure free life.

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