What is Ethical Hacking?

Before knowing what is ethical hacking, read this article to have crystal view about hacking. Many people think that hacking is all about cyber crimes. But, it is the wrong perception. Okay, hacking have two branches. One is Black Hat Hacking and the other is White Hat Hacking. Actually, white Hat Hacking is Ethical Hacking.

What is Ethical Hacking

Before switching to the depth of the article let’s know the definition of Ethical Hacker. An ethical hacker is an adroit computer and networking person.Using his hacking tools and techniques, he penetrates a computer system (usually on behalf of the owner) for finding the vulnerable points of the system.He does so to create a shield, based on the vulnerable points, aginst the malicious hackers.
Ethical hackers work for the improvement of security of certain computer system. By finding out the cracks of the system he either gives advice how to solve the problem or just let know the responsible party about the weak point. He never takes advantage of the vulnerabilities of the system. In line, they are good guys of the virtual world.
The prime purpose of ethical hacking is to measure the infrastructure of a certain system or network. Ethical Hacking involves finding the vulnerabilities to discover whether unauthorized access or other ill-disposed activities are possible. Vulnerabilities are found in a poor or inappropriate network system. So. the area of the ethical or White hat hackers is Weak Networking System.

These types of hacker also work with hardware or software to find out technical and operational weaknesses of the system. Here is one of the very first examples of Ethical hacking. In the year of 1970, the government of United States assembled a group of experts and made a group named ‘Red Teams’. The government used these teams to hack their own computer systems. Finally, they had a strong and secured computer system.

At the evening part, we can say Ethical hackers are at the opposite pole of Black Hat Hackers. They are helping to secure our journey on the internet. So, shake off your negative sights on them. Offering love for you and all the ethical hackers from Techdrug team.

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