What is Hacking? All You Should Know

In this era of advanced technology, the word ‘Hacking’ is a common issue.We are very familiar with the website hacking. But, without website hacking, it has some other areas. Now, in this article will be talking about 

‘What is Hacking?’

Just accessing someone’s facebook or Google ID is not hacking. If we focus on the simple definition, we will see that hacking is the process of gaining unauthorized control of certain control of a Computer network by breaking cyber security by coding or and to access the use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system. Before hacking a hacker finds the weakness of the victim’s system. Actually by manipulating a network hackers change the behaviors of a certain network to paranormal manner. Breaking someone’s Cyber Security is a good example of hacking. 

All of us know that hacking is an illegal deed. But, at the origin, it was a constructive work done by clever technical means.Although, at that time, hacking necessarily meant to the computer system. But, today, ‘hacking’ and ‘hackers’ both these are regarded as despicable work.

If we flash back the timeline of hacking, an institute will come to us at first. That is M.I.T (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).From the year of 1950 to 1960 the engineers of M.I.T popularised the concept of hacking. They started their journey in a club, next in the mainframe dorm, and had a lot of fun via learning and approving the ways of hacking. Sorry to say that, these engineers later used these tools and techniques of hacking at less admirable purpose.

By the way, now, the concept of hacking gives a bad impression. But, don’t forget that, hacking have two branches. One is Black Hat hacking and the other wing is White Hat hacking, which is good. So, lessen your system’s weakness, it will less the possibility to be the victim of Cybercrime.

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