What Is Hosting?

So what is hosting? A website is a worldwide presentation of what you know, how you feel, your development, design, and so on. In the very beginning you have your domain name registered and set up name server or DNS. Now you need assistance with hosting of document files.
A website is indeed a bunch of HTML, CSS, XML and image files. We present through these files, so they are kept in a folder and saved in a computer. This computer should have a constant connection to the internet. The computer is called a server because it serves the files to the people. There are companies who give you the opportunity to save your files in their server computer. That means they host your website. If someone types the domain name into his browser, the hosting company serves on behalf of you.

You can experience four types of hosting-
A Shared Hosting
A Dedicated Hosting
Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Cloud Hosting
All of them acts like storage center, but differ by their capacity, speed and reliability. Bandwidth is also considered while taking decision about your hosting. It is a measure of maximum data your host can transfer in given time. Nowadays hosting companies are so much concerned of data transfer limit and allow higher limit at lower cost. File Transfer Protocol or widely known as FTP is used to transfer data from one computer to another and it allow people browse your files from the server computer over internet.
Selecting a host for your website require some inquiries. You should be concerned of the average monthly uptime and guarantee of it, location of their data center, additional costs, payment method, e-commerce features, renewal terms and conditions as well as scalability potentials. With hundred percent reliability, the standard one assure at least 99.5% server uptime, auto script installation, updated PHP and MySQL and basic technical after sales support. In addition to their core services better hosting companies provides with additional dedicated IPs, manage regular server backup and scan malwares regularly.

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