What is a Torrent? How it works?

BitTorrent clients use TORRENT, a file extension for the BitTorrent files. Torrent files are designed texts which actually track the download from the distributors. BitTorrent is a content distribution protocol. Through peer-to-peer sharing it enables efficient content distributions by the distributors. Distributors are known as Seeders and the requesting clients are known as Leechers.

How Torrent Works

Using BitTorrent protocol Seeders send the download to a customer and the customer sends it to another customer. BitTorrent allows the downloaded portion to be shared with other customers.Thus the content is shared back and forth till the complete download by the clients. This peer-to-peer sharing enables the most efficient distribution even for an entire movie or other large contents. So the original server can handle a large amount of requests at the same time and avoid costs in time and bandwidth.
Torrent files in a BitTorrent file distribution system, does not contain the contents a customer request for, rather they contain metadata of the download files or folders to be distributed. Torrent files usually contain distributors’ lists of networks or locations. It also contains other information about the files e.g. file name; size; structure etc. a torrent may be the torrent file or the referenced content. These metadata helps a requesting client to find a peer served by a distributor group. These distributor groups are called Swarms.
Downloading files through a BitTorrent file distribution system is of great advantages. In theis case, you download a file from a computer other than a server computer. If one source is not active you get thousands and at the same time if a chosen one is turned off, your download starts as soon as the computer is starts again. With other advantages, torrent users find torrent files consumes less CPU usage. However, In case of software, games or music torrent does not guarantee the originality as well as purity. The torrent files spread viruses especially Trojans spreads rapidly. If you want to try BitTorrent, the most popular torrent sites are- KICKASSTORRENTS, TORRENTZ, PIRATEBAY, YTS, EZTV, RARBG.

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