Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date, Full Specification, Price

We all know the market position of Xiaomi in the Smartphone arena is getting more stronger day by day. Xiaomi wants to live their position for unforeseeable future. That’s why they are going to  introduce a phone like Xiaomi Mi6. So, let’s know about Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date, Full Specification, Price.


Xiaomi Mi6 Smartphone Full Specifications:

  • A 23 Mega Pixel Primary Camera and 7Mega Pixel Secondary Camera will be with this great smartphone. So, this next generation smartphone, for sure, is aimed at taking high-quality photos. Also, you can record 1080p Super HD videos.
  • It is whispered that it will have Retina eye scanner. That’s mean it will be able to detect its owner just by scanning eyes. By the way, It is going to have wireless charger with it.
  • Xiaomi Mi6 is supposed to have a 4K UHD Display. So, it will be a revolutionary release. And, It’s approximate screen size is 5.5” , which is perfect enough for anyone.
  • Xiaomi Mi6 is going to have Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.5 GHz Octa Core Processor in its amazing body. So, no matter how complex or rich your game is, this next generation smartphone will comply with it easily.
  • It will have a 4GB RAM (Random Access Memory), which is enough for the gamers.

Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date:

The concerned authority of Xiaomi has assumed that, they are going to release this super-duper smartphone around December 2016. And, we hope that this going to take place around the last week of December. As the same thing happened to Xiaomi Mi5.

Xiaomi Mi6 Price:

By the way, the marketing wing of Xiaomi Mi6 till did not announce its price. But, our research found it would be around $460-$500.So, this amount is not that big for this great smartphone.

That’s for the brief overview of Xiaomi Mi6. Let’s know what in your mind about this phone.


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